Jacqueline Drake combines meditation, mindfulness and art to enable attendees to tap into their inner creativity.  During a 2-hour workshop, each attendee learns how to create an original painting learning a mindfulness technique that Jacqueline Drakes has developed and used to create her own works of art.  Each workshop is customized to achieve a group goal such as:

  • Personal Introspection and Healing
  • Team Work & Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Relaxation
  • Creative Brainstorming

A workshop is 2 hours long and includes art supplies. Each person leaves with a unique piece of artwork on canvas directly related to the customized theme. Jacqueline will work with your team to develop a customized workshop to meet the goals of your group or organization. Each workshop includes a guided meditation, relaxation technique and art instruction.   

Jacqueline has facilitated workshops for groups for companies, cancer groups and community organizations.  If you're interested in more information or scheduling your own workshop, please fill out the information below.