Welcome to the Art of Jacqueline Drake! Jacqueline Drake has been creating mixed media art for over 20 years. Using a uniquely intuitive process, she creates beautiful art on canvas. With her extensive knowledge of colors and textures she produces a total sensory experience for the viewer.

After having success as a muralist and commissioned artist, she realized that there was a vital part of herself missing from her work. She was creating what other people wanted and needed, but was not being true to her own artistic vision. It was during this time that Jacqueline was led to study under many masters in the intuitive and meditative healing arts. Combining these techniques with her natural artistic talent, has allowed her work to become a true expression of her heart and soul.

Jacqueline's work is a visual representation of her connection with the divine and her willingness to allow spirit to guide her pallet and brush. It is her deep desire that through her work others can come to know the peace of divine connection and expression.

In addition to her artistic work Jacqueline is also a busy mother of two boys and loving wife to her supportive husband. She has found that the integration of her artistic self with the demands of a mother and wife bring balance to her life and peace in her heart and home. May her work serve as a guide for you on your own journey to peace and balance.